Dates: May 1995 - September 2000
Job Title: IT Department Manager / Systems Analyst
Company: Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Management Experience
  1. IT department manager
  2. College management team member
  3. Oversight of two technicians
  4. Department budget planning
  5. Quality assurance
  6. Departmental purchasing
  7. Configuration management
Software Design / Development Experience
  1. Network Monitoring Software (1999)
    * Monitor remote boot workstation status
    * Monitor status of all servers and network segments including segment transit times
    * Programmed in C and Perl
  2. Ballistic Algorithm Performance Measurement Software (1999)
    * Written for my Masters Degree engineering project
    * Performance evaluation of the Runga-Kutta and Shooting methods to determine the efficiency of these algorithms when used as an aiming system for a battle tank. (
    * Written in C.
  3. Client-Server Network based Student Information System (1998 - 1999)
    * Server-side on a Linux (Unix) server.
    * Server-side SQL database using the MySQL SQL database system.
    * Client-side network database access using ODBC drivers.
    * Client-side interface developed using Visual Basic
  4. WinSoils Database System - Subcontracted on a project for the International Center for Research into Agroforestry (1997)
    * Modification of existing software to meet updated requirements
    * Programmed in Visual Basic
  5. Floppy Disk Security System (1995-1996)
    * Prevent KCITI computers from accessing non-KCITI formatted disks
    * Prevent KCITI computers from accessing KCITI formatted disks used on foreign computers.
    * Preventing deletion of core files on the hard drive.
    * Trapped and filtered program / OS system calls to interrupts 13 (BIOS disk access) and 21 (MSDOS system calls).
    * Programmed in Microsoft Assembler 6.0 and Visual C++ 1.52
Network Design / Development Experience
  1. Design / development / implementation of a computer laboratory consisting of 36 remote-boot machines. The machines were required to run Windows 3.1, Office 4.3, Pagemaker 5 and be able to access the Internet. Each machine has no hard drive or floppy drive. The lab consists of a Linux server providing BOOTP, TFTP, FTP, TELNET, SMTP, POP3, DNS, HTTP, IRC, SMB, NFS and NCP services to the lab. 10Base 2 Ethernet cabling was used.
  2. Design / development / implementation of a laboratory network of 36 computers running Windows 98, with a server providing HTTP, FTP, TELNET, IRC, DNS, SMB, SMTP, POP3 and NFS services to computers in the lab. The server runs Linux. Cabling is 10Base2 Ethernet.
  3. Design / Development / Implementation of a computer laboratory of 15 computers. Each computer in this lab was required to be able to multi-boot between Novell Netware, Windows 98, Windows 3.1, Windows NT and Linux (Unix). A Linux server provides HTTP, FTP, TELNET, IRC, SMB, NFS and DNS services to the lab.
  4. Implemented a network backup server (OpenBSD) that is used by other servers to back up user files at night.
  5. Setup an administrative server using Linux to provide SQL database services, organizational e-mail and file sharing to administrative staff.
  6. Setup a print server (Linux) with an old 486 motherboard to provide print services to the administration staff.
  7. Setup a firewall (using a Linux server) to shield the college's Intranet from Internet based attacks when the network is connected to the Internet.
  8. Internetworked all laboratories and servers so that all computers can contact all servers and access the Internet (when the firewall is connected to the Internet). A total of 13 subnets were linked with Linux servers providing static routing between subnets.
  9. Designed the college's public ( and private web sites. The web pages were hand-edited using notepad (in Windows) and vi (in Linux). Hand editing was chosen above an editing package like FrontPage, since there are many HTML techniques that these editors cannot reproduce.
  10. Outsourced the college's public web site and public e-mail system to a hosting company in California, USA to save costs over local ISP's.
  11. Manage the college's public and private e-mail.
Training Experience
  1. Teaching Computer Repair, Computer Networking and various religious courses.
  2. IT staff training.
  3. Developing academic programs (certificate, diploma and higher diploma programs for the computer and electronics faculties)
  4. Developing the Computer Repair, Computer Networking and C Programming curricula.
Dates: January 1995 - May 1995
Job Title: Teacher
Company: Enicma Academy
Location: Lows Creek, South Africa

IT Experience

* Designed and developed student fees information system in MS Access.

Training Experience

* Taught Mathematics & Busines Economics to primary / high school students.

Dates: January 1989 - September 1994
Job Title: Aircraft Technician
Company: South African Airforce
Location: Louis Trichardt, South Africa

Technical Experience

* Troubleshooting systems integration problems on Cheetah C fighter aircraft.
* Acceptance testing of avionic software.
* Debriefing pilots for the detection of in-flight systems anomalies.
* Cross-departmental technical liaison.
* Downloading and analysis of data from the aircraft's flight-data recorders.